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"What's the secret to training harder, racing faster and recovering quicker?"

Was the question that persistently perturbed me, Tim Lawson an athlete and head honcho here at
Science in Sport. This question was the starting block that pioneered sports nutrition in professional athletics.

Born out of passion in 1992, We, SiS have now gained the credibility through our brand’s authenticity being recognised as the world leader in sports nutrition. SiS evokes the desire of performance excellence, focussing on the needs of athletes, where a fraction of a second can stand between success and failure and one performance can change the world, each of our products have a core function to energise, hydrate, recover
and enhance Sports men & women.

Our open attitude and constant dialogue with the sporting fraternity, ensures insights, which deliver the facts,
to allow us our unrivalled results. Accomplishing every Athletes common goal promotes confidence through SiS, we inspire ambition by breaking records, winning Olympic golds, World Championships, Premiership titles. We know no bounds we’ve scaled the heights of Everest, passed from pole to pole, crossed deserts and the Worlds oceans. We’ve been there and done that but still crave more.

When your body is pushed to the limit we’re with you, we speak your body’s language, from training to competition we’re part of the kit that compliments your performance, we’re the crucial part of the
sporting ritual.