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Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves

Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves
Zensah Compression Leg SleevesZensah Compression Leg SleevesZensah Compression Leg Sleeves
Zensah Compression Leg SleevesZensah Compression Leg Sleeves
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Model:  6055-108-02L/XL
Brand:  Zensah
Gender:  Unisex
age group:  Adult
Category:  Compression

Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves help provide runners and all athletes with calf support, shin splint relief, and decreased leg fatigue. *Sold as a pair.

  • Shin splint relief
  • Used by athletes of all levels - from Olympians to novice runners
  • Moisture wicking and anti-odor
  • Calf support and injury prevention
  • Improve circulation and faster muscle recovery

Zensah is the original creator of the compression leg sleeves. The leg sleeves were designed by an athletic trainer to help mimic taping methods to alleviate shin splints and provide calf support. The leg sleeves are lightweight and are made of Zensah's ultra-soft fabric. They are moisture wicking and anti-odor: meaning they will stay dry and smelling great even during the toughest conditions. 

Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves are able to be used by everyone from runners, basketball players, obstacle course racers, travelers and more. 

Choose the original and best selling compression leg sleeve by Zensah.

Benefits of Compression:

  • Enhanced blood circulation as a result of improved venous return. This means that deoxygenated blood goes back to the heart faster to improve blood flow of oxygen-rich blood back to the body
  • Faster recovery following strenuous exercise by aiding in the removal of blood lactate through improved circulation.
  • Enhanced warm-up via increased skin temperature.
  • Reduced muscle oscillation and vibration upon ground contact, providing stability to the muscle to help prevent micro-trauma, resulting in a faster and easier recovery.
  • Reduced effects of delayed onset muscle soreness in the days following strenuous exercise through alleviating swelling and inflammation.
  • Increased muscle support, which increases performance through improved muscle efficiency.
  • Improved leg power and vertical jump power through enhanced proprioception.

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    Calf Circumference       Height     Calf CM      Height M
   X/S                9.5"   5'3" below     24 - 31.5cm     1.60m - Below  
  S/M           12.5"-15"   5'4" - 5'10   31.5 - 38cm    1.63 - 1.78m
  L/XL             15"-UP   5' 11" - Up   38cm - Up    1.80m - Up

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